Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Esther Rodriguez Brown arrived in the United States in 2001. She started servicing youth in the streets of Las Vegas, using her car as her main office and many times opening the doors of her home for those youth who needed it. In 2007, she began working with incarcerated youth and, in efforts to teach them empathy skills, she founded The Embracing Project (TEP). Initially, she developed a curriculum that parallels the effects of genocide and gang violence as well as the links between gangs and the exploitation of girls. Since then, Mrs. Brown has been serving survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking though her non-profit. With little funding, Mrs. Brown was able to get through one of the biggest economic crisis that forced many big non-profits forcing to close down. From 2011 to 2013, she was contracted as a consultant by Clark County District Courts as the Sexually Exploited Youth Court Administrator. Mrs. Brown was responsible for the creation of infrastructure, development of programs, and the collaboration among community providers and government officials. In 2013, she opened the first and only drop-in center for sexually exploited youth in Las Vegas, which she calls the Center 4 Peace. This is a replicable initiative that brings several non-profits together to provide an integration of social services for minor survivors of sex trafficking. Mrs. Brown also works on similar issues internationally. She consults and trains other organizations (government and private) to become trauma-informed. In addition, she trains practitioners who service survivors of trauma on how to effectively practice self-care and mindfulness.

Mrs. Brown has an MA in Child & Adolescent Psychology and a BA in Criminal Justice; an Executive Certificate in Juvenile Justice Reform and Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation; and a certificate in Compassion Fatigue Education. She is an OJJDP-NTTA consultant, and a member of The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology and Association for Psychological Science (APS). She is a fearless advocate that goes beyond her means to ensure that youth survivors of sex trafficking are treated fairly and with dignity. She personally trains her team of staff, interns, and volunteers. Ms. Brown is writing a book to be published in the fall of 2018 “The Dirty Business of Helping: A Ride to Advocacy.”