Thoughts on the Slave Trade and its Abolition


In the night of August 22, 1791 those men and women that had been torn from Africa and sold into slavery revolted against the slave system to obtain freedom and independence for Haiti. An independence that was finally gained in 1804. The uprising was a turning point in human history,…

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A Word on Freedom


We speak about freedom so freely. Today, as we are celebrating the Independence Day of our country I invite you to reflect what freedom means, and what freedom means to us as a nation. The Webster dictionary define freedom as: “the quality or state of being free: as (1) the…

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An International Peace Day Message

International Peace Day is coming soon, September 21st we celebrate peace around the world. Looking back at 2015 and reflecting on how humans are treating each other I found myself reacting with a mix of emotions. The interesting part about us is that we can be the kindest creatures, and…

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