Commercial sexual exploitation of children, or sex trafficking, is a horrendous and rampant problem all over the world. Children, some of whom have barely reached adolescence, are being coerced & physically forced into performing sex acts for the profit and satisfaction of others. These children face unbelievable horrors in their everyday lives, and experience the harsh effects of both physical & emotional abuse. The long lasting effects of such harsh and inhumane treatment can be crippling and extremely overwhelming for these children, they require immense amounts of support and care in order to overcome these issues.

The Embracing Project focuses on restoring and healing child survivors of sex trafficking. We work one-on-one with kids in order to ascertain what services they require to begin the healing process. We provide:

  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy,
  • Clothing & Hygiene Items
  • Tutoring
  • Life-Skills Training, and
  • Referrals for Treatment Programs

Additionally, we provide group settings in which these youth may foster the skills necessary to progress through life such as: listening, cooperating, and being empathetic & sensitive to the needs of others. It is very important for survivors of this kind of abuse to be able to converse with one another, share their stories with children in similar situations, and begin healing with the support of their peers.

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