The Embracing Project is consistently involved in both international & domestic humanitarian projects. Participation provides an opportunity for Rehabilitated Youth to give back, experience cultural norms other than their own, and reflect on the development of selves that they’ve experience throughout their individual journeys with The Embracing Project.

Past projects throughout Africa & South America have included:

  • Building Schools
  • Distributing School Supplies
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Hospital Visits
  • Tutoring
  • Playing Games with Children
  • Food Distribution
  • And More

International humanitarian trips offer a tangible awareness to the fact that violence can not only destroy individuals, but entire families, communities, and countries. The humanitarian efforts have proven to establish a sense of unity among the youth we serve. After returning to the United States these youth are often eager to share their experiences with others in their community. The opportunity to do so provides them with a sense of ownership, and in some cases a purpose in life.

The tools fostered and developed with The Embracing Project act as a catalyst to the transformation of these youth to becoming successful members of society. Their participation in the behavior modification process and mastery of conflict resolution skills are vital to achieving this goal.

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