The United States is in jeopardy of losing an entire generation of children as a result of gang violence Рour children are killing each other. Everyday children between 8 and 18 years old are dying in our streets from gang related violence, fighting over race, ethnicity, group, color, culture, and neighborhood. Learn more, here.

It is quite possible that we are losing our next Nobel Peace Prize winner, the scientist who will discover the cure for a terminal illness or disease, the next President of the United States, or our next Civil Rights leader. Regardless of whom these lost children may become, the fact is we are losing them to this violence at an extremely alarming rate.

We seek to educate youth in the United States, especially those who are touched by gang violence, about the parallels between gang activity and genocide. The Embracing Project has developed a 12-Week Curriculum for the purpose of educating youth through the Characteristics of Genocide, and the providing them with the tools necessary understand that all people around the world are made equal regardless of race, ethnicity, color, neighborhood, faith, culture, gender, and/or sexual orientation.