Celebrating 10 Years

On the International Day of Peace, September 21, we invite our partners, friends, and community to celebrate the important work that has been done and has yet to be done.
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Survivors of Sex Trafficking

The Embracing Project focuses on restoring and healing child victims of sex trafficking. We work to ascertain what services are required to begin the healing process. We provide mentoring, advocacy, clothing & hygiene items, tutoring, life skills training, and more.

Gangs & Genocide

We are in jeopardy of losing an entire generation. The Embracing Project has developed a 12-Week Curriculum for the purpose of educating youth in the United States, especially those who are touched by gang violence, about the parallels between gang activity and genocide.

Humanitarian Stewardship

The Embracing Project is consistently involved in both international & domestic humanitarian projects. Participation is an opportunity for our youth to give back, experience cultural, and reflect on their personal development of selves.

Our Mission

To promote peace and global consciousness through the development of programs that enrich the lives of children, youth, and families around the world.

Founder, Esther Rodriguez Brown, established the organization in 2007 in an effort to serve children & adolescents affected by violence. In addition to offering a holistic advocacy approach; engaging youth through educational services, enrichment activities, leadership opportunities, and unconditional support – Esther strives to provide awareness, education & training. She’s focused her efforts on identifying and exploring the parallels between gangs & genocide, and how to most effectively serve commercial sexually exploited children and youth in gangs.

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Empowering at-risk Youth

Local Agencies Working Together

The Center 4 Peace

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